Monday, November 1, 2010

Big Butt!

So, I was in charge of my child's Halloween school party on Friday. As I was walking past a sitting child, I knocked into the back of his head with my big butt! I was SO embarrassed. Of course, perfect mom was standing in the doorway, laughing under her breath. I laughed it off, but is time to take a good look at my life!


I went BACK to WW two weeks ago...gained .40 of a pound the first week. Skipped the second. I am HEAVIER than EVER!!!!! I feel SO unhealthy.

You know what I want for Christmas...MORE THAN ANYTHING????
To lose weight. That would be the best gift of all. Now, do I have it in me to love myself enough?

I am not sure.

I need to lose 80 pounds total. I would LOVE to lose 15 before Christmas morning.

And...I just ate three pieces of Halloween candy.

I have NO energy...and I am being lazy.

What a fool I am...


  1. Dear HDTBMMLF (since I don't know your name),
    I've missed seeing your post. Boy your timing of your recent post is so fitting. I too am struggling with being on Hiatus from WW.
    I've decide this is enough, I'm going back on Wednesday.
    Please keep in touch, remember you were my inspiration for going back to WW from the start. Take care, Viola or

  2. My mother-in-law once lost 75 pounds on WW! She has kept most of it off and looks great. I know you can do it too!!!! :)

  3. Just to let you know I went and weighed in at WW this morning and I'm only up a pound. Hallelujah!!!!! Back on track starting tomorrow. Journaling and eating good food for me, so I feel good.

    Take care of yourself!
    I miss seeing your posts,


    P.S. If you have me as a favorite on your site
    you need to add the new wording above.

    Take care~!

  4. Don't give up. I was where you are last January. Got an iPod touch as a Christmas gift, found the myfitnesspal app/website. It basically helped me to keep track of daily calorie intake...Lost 30 pounds by May, 1250 calories a day, hardly any exercise. Now, I just try to keep it off, not easy!

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