Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 21

english muffin
piece of sausage
chargrilled Chick-Fil-A
FF honey mustard
honey roasted sunflower seeds
6 waffle fries
coffee w/ cream and sugar
2 hot dogs
2 wheat buns
1 serving kettle chips
five bean salad
8+ cups water
no planned exercise
Also, I wrote everything down from last week while my computer was broke...I am going to post that and the pictures from last week ASAP!  Plus, I will get up tomorrow and take more pictures! I have been doing so well...I hope it comes through the pictures!

So, what do you for exercise?

How do you deal with weekend "eating"...I find it SO hard! :-)


Have you seen these portion plates?  Wow, TOO cool!
(Why didn't I think of this?????)


  1. Glad I found your blog...I am on week 2 myself. And weekends always suck hard core! There are too many options, and I find that I eat so much more when I am home. When at work, I can only eat at certain times. But its just so easy to munch on something all day long on the weekends. I am really trying to do more fruits as snacks & I swear by the 100 calorie packs. That way I do get to snack, but it's not the bag of chips I would have done in the past.