Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Should Have Married Ronald McDonald!

Ladies, he just might be the perfect man.  He can bring home the bacon (burger)...and the fries! ;-)
I am ADDICTED to fast food and restaurants! (I am not joking!!!!!)

What is it about fast food/ eating out that makes me so happy?????

Have you ever had this problem????

How do I break this habit?

I KNOW you have an opinion...GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!


  1. I used to eat lots of fast food. Then I was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer and I realized I needed to change my eating habits. 11 rounds of chemo was enough to break the habit. I refuse to eat fast food now.

  2. If you just stop doing it then your taste buds will stop liking the food. Almost 22 lbs lost and I've finally figured this out :) I used to be a fast food addict and little by little I changed my ways. I stopped driving with any cash and my debit card in the car w/ me (for short daily trips; I would never do so for long road trips or something in case of emergency!!). Not having the option of stopping (because I literally had zero money) made me stop going. Then I tried fast food last week and it tasted GROSS! I can't say that it always will or that every restaurant will be disgusting, but it was an incredible encouragement to have french fries taste like crap. In a weird, childish sort of way I almost think that God condemned my order of fries--ha! I have ZERO desire to go out for fast food anymore. It is awesome. I hope that this can happen for you too because fast food really is you read in food rules!

  3. by the way, I do "weight loss wednesdays" and forgot to include that little tidbit ;) you might find something inspiring (or not) through my posts. I am definitely feeling the urge to pray for and encourage you!!