Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 7

Well, the next two days are going to be hard. Today was....a little crazy.  Tomorrow is a big day...a big party.  We are going to my FAVORITE restaurant. Pastries. Oh, my!  Tell me I can do this. Be was not good.

cin. toast crunch cereal
Sonic chicken strip sandwich
$1 "M&M sundae" VERY SMALL ;)
pita bread (1)
1/4 large cucumber
Hershey bar (I was stressed and tired)
I am embarrassed to say,
curly fries
market chicken ranch sandwich
8+ cups water
walked 1 mile

Also, I will be posting "figure" pics tomorrow. Yikes, it has been a week ALREADY?????


  1. Hey I just came across your blog through Kellys Korner. I wanted to let you know that we are both on the same weight loss journey, with a strong food addiction making it that much more difficult. My best friend is actually attending OA (overeaters annonymous) and is finding it to be a great tool. anyway- just wanted to "introduce" myself as a new follower. I haven't been blogging about my weight loss journey because I've always been one of those "if i dont admit that Im fat, maybe people wont notice" kind of people. However, I am going to start blogging aobut it on my family blog. Thanks for being so honest!

  2. Welcome!!!! I can't wait to see your posts! (You have a beautiful family!)

    I SOOOO get the "fat" denial...that is why I started this blog! The self pictures were a HUGE eye opener! I always thought I looked much smaller...NOPE!

    Good Luck...WE can do this!!!!!